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Walter and Alice Juma's Family

Walter and Alice Juma’s Family

Alice and Walter both grew up in Kakamega, a town in Western Kenya. They met through Alice’s cousin, who went to school with Walter. Alice and Walter met at her cousin’s house, and they later married. Walter serves as the Community Director at Baba Nyumbani, where he joined the Horizon family in 2005. Walter and Alice parent 25 heart-adopted kids together, along with their four biological children. Both Alice and Walter have a love for reading, and hearts for service. “I grew up in a humble background and my parents were not able to take care of my needs. I saw what Horizon was doing and I knew I needed to serve and encourage these children since I had experienced that,” Alice says. Encouraging their children is just one of the many ways Alice and Walter bless the community and promote their children toward living self-sustainable lives!

29 Children
Baba Nyumbani, Kenya

From: $40.00 USD / month


$40 USD/ $48 CAD a month

$480 USD/ $582 CAD a year


  • Margaret Atieno Margaret Atieno 18 years old
  • Silas Kiptoo Silas Kiptoo 21 years old
  • Jane Wamboi Jane Wamboi 20 years old
  • Lewisky Anyango Awenga Lewisky Anyango Awenga 21 years old
  • Gladys Khisa Gladys Khisa 20 years old
  • Mary Nabangala Mary Nabangala 17 years old
  • Peter Ochieng Peter Ochieng 14 years old
  • Eldah Chebet Eldah Chebet 12 years old
  • Philip Ouma Philip Ouma 18 years old
  • Mercy Nanjala Mercy Nanjala 17 years old
  • Naomi Etukan Naomi Etukan 17 years old
  • Sheila Lusweti Sheila Lusweti 17 years old
  • Brian Simiyu Brian Simiyu 18 years old
  • Joseph Mwangi Joseph Mwangi 15 years old
  • Jane Obews Jane Obews 11 years old
  • Cyrus Odhiambo Cyrus Odhiambo 11 years old
  • Valentino Donne Valentino Donne 10 years old
  • Hosea Marisio Hosea Marisio 21 years old
  • Stephen Waiganjo Stephen Waiganjo 19 years old
  • Maureen Cherubal Maureen Cherubal 20 years old
  • Celestine Nafula Celestine Nafula 20 years old
  • Emmanuel Amadoi Emmanuel Amadoi 26 years old
  • Collins Lwatati Collins Lwatati 23 years old
  • Melvin Kiptoo Melvin Kiptoo 21 years old