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Vincent & Rose Juma's Family

Vincent and Rose Juma’s Family

Vincent and Rose have been married for 17 years, and serving with Horizon at Maono Light for the past five. Their previous careers brought them together when they worked at a nearby high school. Both Vincent and Rose have a clear love for children, and their role as parents in the community allow them an even greater ability to impact children and raise them up to adulthood. Rose loves to read, travel, and care for children – specifically teaching them the word of God. Praying with her kids is her favorite part of her role. Vincent cites his time as a teacher in South Sudan, where he saw many kids suffering, as triggering his passion to work with children. “My heart was full of love for children and I wanted an opportunity to work with them,” he said. His wish came true, as he and Rose now care for their 14 heart-adopted and two biological children. His other hobbies include dancing, playing football and making friends.

16 Children
Maono Light, Kenya

From: $40.00 USD / month


$40 USD/ $48 CAD a month

$480 USD/ $582 CAD a year


  • Kennedy Ogare Kennedy Ogare 9 years old
  • Mary Anyonya Mary Anyonya 10 years old
  • Briaton Ogweno Briaton Ogweno 10 years old
  • Agneta Agneta 12 years old
  • Sheryl Abok Sheryl Abok 10 years old
  • Caleb Tumaini Caleb Tumaini 14 years old
  • Sheryl Anyango Sheryl Anyango 12 years old
  • Susan Ochieng Susan Ochieng 14 years old
  • Dickson Ogare Dickson Ogare 13 years old
  • Edgar Evans Odiwuor Edgar Evans Odiwuor 15 years old
  • Eunice Juma Eunice Juma 16 years old
  • Fedel Omondi Fedel Omondi 15 years old
  • Jeremiah John Odegi Jeremiah John Odegi 16 years old
  • Mark Omondi Mark Omondi 11 years old