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The Tanui Family

The Tanui Family

Amos and Milkah are no strangers to life at Baba Nyumbani. With a heart for serving others and a passion for sharing the love of Christ, the couple moved on-site in 2007 and have served here together ever since. Both Amos and Milkah grew up in Western Kenya, though their hometowns are nearly four hours apart. They met at a global ministry in Kitale, where Baba Nyumbani is located, and have been married for the past 15 years! Both Milkah and Amos describe themselves as musical people: Milkah loves to sing and compose music, while Amos enjoys playing the keyboard and guitar. Their music contributes a sweet melody to a home which is hardly ever quiet, as Amos and Milkah live with their 25 heart-adopted and two biological children. Milkah’s favorite part of life with Horizon is parenting, and Amos’ is much the same: “I like working with the children and training them to be responsible adults.”

27 Children
Baba Nyumbani, Kenya

From: $40.00 USD / month


$40 USD/ $48 CAD a month

$480 USD/ $582 CAD a year


  • Linda Nanjala Linda Nanjala 20 years old
  • Robert Kimutai Robert Kimutai 18 years old
  • Valentine Chepkoech Valentine Chepkoech 21 years old
  • Samson Onyango Samson Onyango 20 years old
  • Rael Nekesa Rael Nekesa 19 years old
  • Grace Shaphan Grace Shaphan 20 years old
  • Lillian Muthoni Lillian Muthoni 21 years old
  • Roseline Awino Roseline Awino 15 years old
  • Elizabeth Muleli Elizabeth Muleli 21 years old
  • Douglas Wafula Douglas Wafula 17 years old
  • Amos Mulongo Amos Mulongo 15 years old
  • Wendy Auma Wendy Auma 11 years old
  • Nancy Nelima Nancy Nelima 21 years old
  • Albert Muse Albert Muse 19 years old
  • Zipporah Nafula Zipporah Nafula 18 years old
  • Joseph Wekesa Joseph Wekesa 18 years old
  • Gabriel Wafula Gabriel Wafula 19 years old
  • Violet Awouri Violet Awouri 12 years old
  • Lydia Aluoch Lydia Aluoch 21 years old
  • Laban Kiptanui Laban Kiptanui 22 years old
  • Samson Njuguna Samson Njuguna 22 years old
  • Bianka Adhiambo Bianka Adhiambo 22 years old
  • Ian Wanyonyi Ian Wanyonyi 22 years old
  • Abigael Mrembo Abigael Mrembo 20 years old
  • Viola Chelagat Viola Chelagat 23 years old