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The Salgado Family

The Salgado Family

When Mario and Beatriz stepped their feet in La Providencia, they did so with readiness and a big space in their hearts for children. They accepted the call to join Horizon “with sheer gratitude to God, knowing children like the ones [they] have now needed parents.”  Mario grew up in Honduras’ capital city, and Beatriz grew up in the countryside. They met through an uncle. After marrying, they devoted their lives to whatever God would have them do. Since both Mario and Beatriz have such a natural heart for service, something all parents at the community exhibit, working with Horizon is a perfect fit. In addition to their two biological children, Mario and Beatriz care for four heart-adopted children — this alone shows their heart and patience!

6 Children
La Providencia, Honduras

From: $40.00 USD / month


$40 USD/ $48 CAD a month

$480 USD/ $582 CAD a year