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Paulyne Juma's Family

Paulyne Juma’s Family

“Giving hope to the hopeless” – this is Paulyne’s passion. And she does a wonderful job of it as a mother at Maono Light, where she’s parented five children since coming to the community in 2013. Before working with Horizon at Maono Light, Paulyne earned a diploma in social work and community development. These credentials allowed her a career in multiple children’s homes as a social worker. In fact, Paulyne served the Baba Nyumbani community as a social worker before coming to Maono Light as the micro-community director in addition to being a parent. Paulyne’s own past as a orphaned child uniquely enables her to care for and give hope to her own children. She also enjoys singing, and says one of her favorite parts of her role is composing songs and poems for the Horizon children. Outside of her life at Maono Light, she’s served as a music director and deaconess at her local church.

5 Children
Maono Light, Kenya

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  • Abraham Lokadio Abraham Lokadio 7 years old
  • Rebecca Lokadio Rebecca Lokadio 10 years old
  • Susan Odhiambo Susan Odhiambo 9 years old