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The Odede Family

The Odede Family

George and Christine’s placement at Maono Light is a very intentional way for them to fulfill God’s call to care for the orphaned. They have 13 heart-adopted children, and two biological children living with them. Before coming to Maono Light, George said their hearts’ desire was to find an opportunity to serve God in a new way — and that opportunity came with Horizon. “To me, that was a call — to serve the orphaned.” Both George and Christine were very happy to commit to this service. Raising these kids are a joy to George and Christine, who especially love teaching them — both concepts like love and unity, and practical work like painting. George takes much joy in having his kids help out with construction projects, and the kids love it too!

15 Children
Maono Light, Kenya

From: $40.00 USD / month


$40 USD/ $48 CAD a month

$480 USD/ $582 CAD a year


  • Duncan Pango Duncan Pango 10 years old
  • Michael Ouma Michael Ouma 11 years old
  • Lawrence Onyango Lawrence Onyango 14 years old
  • Isaac Omondi Isaac Omondi 11 years old
  • Josephat Omare Josephat Omare 11 years old
  • Pauline Akuku Pauline Akuku 12 years old
  • Rose Otieno Rose Otieno 13 years old
  • Emily Achieng Emily Achieng 14 years old
  • Edith Pango Edith Pango 13 years old
  • Francis Ombi Francis Ombi 13 years old
  • Kevin Otieno Kevin Otieno 15 years old
  • Brighton Ochieng Brighton Ochieng 15 years old
  • Maurine Ouma Maurine Ouma 8 years old