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The Nyongesa Family

The Nyongesa Family

As a mother of 16 at Maono Light, Leah’s days are full of children – and she wouldn’t have it any other way. She parents 14 children at Maono Light in addition to two biological children. She describes herself as passionate about kids, and previously served as a Sunday school teacher before coming to Horizon. One of Leah’s favorite parts of her role in the community is working with her kids on their family farm. Recently, she helped them build a pen for their four sheep! The Nyongesas also care for rabbits and chickens, and some of the boys regularly collect eggs from them. Outside of her role as a mother at Maono Light, Leah enjoys travelling and making friends.

16 Children
Maono Light, Kenya

From: $40.00 USD / month


$40 USD/ $48 CAD a month

$480 USD/ $582 CAD a year


  • Kingsley Oliech Kingsley Oliech 7 years old
  • Alice Ositu Alice Ositu 12 years old
  • Jane Odegi Jane Odegi 14 years old
  • Nataly Achieng Nataly Achieng 11 years old
  • Margaret Simiyu Margaret Simiyu 11 years old
  • Calvin Ositu Calvin Ositu 13 years old
  • Felix Onyango Felix Onyango 11 years old
  • Brian Omondi Brian Omondi 12 years old
  • Lucy Oliech Lucy Oliech 14 years old
  • Emmanuel Ochieng Emmanuel Ochieng 13 years old
  • Brian Akuku Brian Akuku 16 years old
  • Millicent Tuju Millicent Tuju 11 years old
  • Lameck Onyango Lameck Onyango 9 years old
  • Oscar Simiyu Oscar Simiyu 10 years old