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The Etyang Family

The Etyang Family

Lindah has been a long-time mother at Baba Nyumbani, first arriving to the community in 2011! She grew up in Kitale near Baba Nyumbani. She’s passionate about children and loves being a mother, which is her favorite part of the job! Lindah parents 23 children, which keeps her pretty busy. In her free time, she loves to travel, socialize and read inspirational books. Outside of her role as a mother, she serves in her church as well. There, she is a Sunday school teacher, and has led a home church.

23 Children
Baba Nyumbani, Kenya

From: $40.00 USD / month


$40 USD/ $48 CAD a month

$480 USD/ $582 CAD a year


  • Alphax Kipruto Alphax Kipruto 18 years old
  • Monicah Nangila Monicah Nangila 23 years old
  • Jane Nekesa Jane Nekesa 18 years old
  • Obed Nyongesa Obed Nyongesa 15 years old
  • Hosea Imbwenya Hosea Imbwenya 18 years old
  • Loice Khisa Loice Khisa 21 years old
  • Linda Nafula Linda Nafula 14 years old
  • Ruth Nasimiyu Ruth Nasimiyu 15 years old
  • Vivian Wanyama Vivian Wanyama 15 years old
  • Jasmine Nasimiyu Jasmine Nasimiyu 15 years old
  • Timothy Wafula Timothy Wafula 15 years old
  • Paul Njuguna Paul Njuguna 19 years old
  • Deborah Nasimiyu Deborah Nasimiyu 16 years old
  • Lavender Atieno Lavender Atieno 19 years old
  • Joseph Wangila Joseph Wangila 18 years old
  • Wyclife Wangila Wyclife Wangila 20 years old
  • Damaris Wanjiru Damaris Wanjiru 19 years old
  • Benjamin Odhiambo Benjamin Odhiambo 18 years old
  • Duncan Kambongo Duncan Kambongo 24 years old
  • Truphosa Atieno Truphosa Atieno 21 years old
  • Irene Achieng Irene Achieng 22 years old
  • Janet Jepleting Janet Jepleting 21 years old