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The Bondo Family

The Bondo Family

Jacqueline is a long-time Horizon parent: before coming to Maono Light in 2016, she served at Baba Nyumbani since 2011. She grew up in Western Kenya, though several hours away from the Maono Light Community. Jacqueline has a robust professional past: before coming to Horizon, Jacqueline completed basic military training, an education in business and a certificate as a copy-typist. She also served in the DOVE church ministry. Jacqueline’s passion is helping children, as well as cooking – two great traits for a mother of 18 to have! She has a heart of service, and longs to show love to vulnerable children and see them discover their sense of belonging.

18 Children
Maono Light, Kenya

From: $40.00 USD / month


$40 USD/ $48 CAD a month

$480 USD/ $582 CAD a year


  • Joyce Ochieng'a Joyce Ochieng'a 10 years old
  • Mary Mary 11 years old
  • Edgar Matthews Otieno Edgar Matthews Otieno 12 years old
  • Isayah Aloo Isayah Aloo 14 years old
  • Effey Naomi Effey Naomi 13 years old
  • Stephy Ochieng Stephy Ochieng 12 years old
  • Maryanne Omondi Maryanne Omondi 13 years old
  • Raymond Ombeng Raymond Ombeng 14 years old
  • Hezron Owino Hezron Owino 14 years old
  • Gentrice Otieno Gentrice Otieno 13 years old
  • Caroline Okendo Caroline Okendo 14 years old
  • Stephen Otieno Stephen Otieno 12 years old
  • Byron Otieno Byron Otieno 16 years old
  • Fernmonica Adhiambo Fernmonica Adhiambo 13 years old
  • Millicent Achieng Millicent Achieng 12 years old
  • Tom Wanjala Tom Wanjala 17 years old