Sustainable. Intentional. Community.

With culturally relevant businesses, farming, educational facilities, and children’s homes, each of our Micro Communities is a vehicle that ensures self-sustaining, holistic child care and deep, meaningful impact.

Micro Businesses

Our on-site Micro Businesses produce goods that help meet the basic needs for our children and generate income for operational expenses, all the while offering opportunities to organically train children with practical life and business skills.

Children’s Homes

In many ways, our children’s homes are the heart of a Micro Community. Each children’s home is headed by houseparents who live on-site and who may even have children of their own. Ideally, each home houses around ten children.

Onsite Farms & Greenhouses

In order to be more self-sustaining, we’ve built food production right into the Micro Community model. This allows us access to fresh produce, eggs, and dairy products, while generating income by selling surplus crops to people in the surrounding community.

Recreation & Play Areas

So much of childhood development and learning happens through play. That’s why each of our Micro Communities feature specially designated spaces—soccer fields, volleyball nets, basketball hoops, and playgrounds—for children to play with their brothers and sisters.

Trade & Academic Schools

The richest learning happens organically by including children in the ongoing daily activities of life within a Micro Community. However, formal education is paramount to genuine empowerment and self-sustainability. We provide quality foundational knowledge in academics as well as skilled trades, always allowing our children to explore and be curious.

Medical Clinics

We hold regular medical clinics to ensure our children maintain excellent physical and dental health, while providing care for our children with special medical needs. And, to make an even greater impact, we open these clinics to members of the surrounding community.

Dream Big. Go Far.

Our vision is to build 30 Micro Communities in 20 countries by 2030—rescuing, restoring, and empowering thousands of orphans around the world.

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